Saturday, April 21, 2012

Haggis - Our neighbour Haiji

Such a beautiful day again today! I had a lead walk and a training session all the way to our neighbours house (round the back), I had to sit down about 10 times! How silly is that? But it made mum happy.. weird. And then we arrived at Haiji's house. Haiji is a Portuguese Water Dog and about 4 months old, extremely well known for their love of swimming and playing in water.

Chico got thrown over the fence, as he doesn't have to do training anymore, lucky bugger, not fair. We had a ball with Haiji, she is so much bigger and thicker since we last saw her, which is great as she can play fight with more confidence now. We chased each other round and round the big garden until we were so thirsty and tired that we had to have a big drink from the well.. Haiji even jumped in for a swim. She swam round and round, drinking as she went and then just jumped out! She's a funny dog!

She's just had a new haircut and when she got out of the water, she was soaking wet, but she LOVED it! Being wet got her even more excited! so she started chasing us around the garden again! Being cold isn't a problem for Haiji.. She's the best swimmer, can't wait to see her in Radar's huge dam!

Then she cuddled up to her mummy all soaking wet.. she must love her! Mum would push me far far away if I was soaking wet like that!..


  1. I bet you guys would love running around with Yogi. He's a cavachon so he'd be about half your size I think.

  2. Absolutely! they would love running about with new dogs every day!.. how much fun would that be!