Sunday, April 22, 2012

Chico - How good do I look?

It was a stormy day in the Macedon Ranges, so I only went out for a quick training session in the morning. Such weird thing to do being made to walk on a chain (that hurts when I want to go a different direction from mum) and then made to sit so many times! What is the point? Still can't work it out. 

Anyway these stunning portraits of myself and Haggis appeared on the wall today, they were a present from our Auntie and Uncle for Christmas past. The artist that created these magnificent prints is Heather Galler- check her out on
How good do I look? She's got my ears right, when they sometimes both point to the left and my wild worried eyes like when I'm starving? And Haggis - apparently it's supposed to be Lab Retriever, but it looks so like Haggis, so docile and dumb, with sleepy eyes... yeah that's her!

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