Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chico - Ball skills from Melba

I believe that balls skills are important for a dog and I learnt this from a dog friend called Melba. Melba is a Coolie cross Spaniel - I think. She's a tough lady, she lives in Kinglake and hangs out in a pub in Collingwood.

Melba is my hero when it comes to catching a ball. She gets it every time without fail. Even it if takes a fight, she always gets the last say. Oooh she's a fierce one, always plays hard to get! She scares me but at the same time I have so much respect for her ball skills. She is amazing!

I remember when I first saw her in action (I was a puppy still), I was mesmerized by her agility and confidence. She is intelligent, attentive and interacts with humans well, but she's tough with us. So afterwards I practised and practised, making dad play ball with me almost every night till I caught it every time (almost). I got better and better.

I'm sure I taught Haggis everything she knows about ball catching, she might be faster than me now at times, but in a tussle, I will always get the ball, just a smidgen too fast for young Haggis. She's developed a really bad habit of running off with the ball and not bringing it back - how cheeky can you get? That's not the game, you're supposed to take it back so that they can throw it again.. stupid dog - she's a bit slow.

But she's getting prety good as well.

But I'm the best.


  1. Yogi's the same as Haggis. He'll chase the ball and then leave it behind. One time he swooped in and stole it from two labs at the dog park. He ran really fast with all three labs chasing him! (another one joined in when he saw everyone running.)

  2. Don't you just love it when there's a big group of dogs chasing each other!! I suppose that's what Haggis is trying to do, get everyone to chase her, but there's no way we're doing it. She's too fast!