Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chico - Cold wet and miserable with Haiji

It has been so cold, wet and miserable that we have been hibernating!! There's nothing better than snuggling up in front of the fire with Haggis and warm my toes on her hairy body!

But we still get to go out every day, it's fun having a neighbour where we can walk to and then we can run around like mad in giant circles at Haiji's place! She has an awesome garden - it's huge and has lots of bushes to hide in to play hide and seek..

Haiji is getting really big now, she's much bigger and fatter and me now - but maybe it's the hair giving her that look..

You can see how big she is now - unbelieveable! and she grew so fast - one minute she was teeny and then next moment - whoa! where did she come from? and all that hair... hmm

There's a fantastic orchard in their garden, where we can dodge in and out of trees for extra fun - except one day I did run full tilt into a tree and it really really really hurt - I was so stunned I couldn't move because it hurt that much...

But you can tell she's still a young pup because she's got no stamina - can't keep up with us sighthounds.. well, not many can.. and as you can see here, she's more than happy to take a break after play time.. One thing she does still amazes me though - even in the winter time she'll jump into her pool and go for a swim - somehow she doesn't feel the cold - I don't understand that!!