Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Chico - Cold wet and miserable with Haiji

It has been so cold, wet and miserable that we have been hibernating!! There's nothing better than snuggling up in front of the fire with Haggis and warm my toes on her hairy body!

But we still get to go out every day, it's fun having a neighbour where we can walk to and then we can run around like mad in giant circles at Haiji's place! She has an awesome garden - it's huge and has lots of bushes to hide in to play hide and seek..

Haiji is getting really big now, she's much bigger and fatter and me now - but maybe it's the hair giving her that look..

You can see how big she is now - unbelieveable! and she grew so fast - one minute she was teeny and then next moment - whoa! where did she come from? and all that hair... hmm

There's a fantastic orchard in their garden, where we can dodge in and out of trees for extra fun - except one day I did run full tilt into a tree and it really really really hurt - I was so stunned I couldn't move because it hurt that much...

But you can tell she's still a young pup because she's got no stamina - can't keep up with us sighthounds.. well, not many can.. and as you can see here, she's more than happy to take a break after play time.. One thing she does still amazes me though - even in the winter time she'll jump into her pool and go for a swim - somehow she doesn't feel the cold - I don't understand that!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Haggis - Radar stays the night!

I was so excited the other night when all of a sudden Radar turned up on our doorstep at night! We didn't get to go for a run that day, so we were full of energy when we got together! I tried to entice Radar to come outside and play with me, but he's so silly he doesn't know how to go through the dog door! mum and dad tried to teach him how to come through by using food as bait, but he just couldn't work it out!

We did get to run around outside in the dark, I know our garden like the back of my paws and Radar chased us around the garden in the dark, very exciting! Afterwards Radar had to share my bed, I have a really comfy mattress and there's just enough room for both of us to cuddle up.

I love to sit on Chico's bed because it's right next to the fire, but Chico doesn't really like it. Radar will just plonk himself wherever I go, he's so affectionate. 

It's so nice to play on my bed, dad was keeping an eye on him though, in case he got a bit cheeky, no funny business is allowed! 

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chico - Whippet Racing! Woo Hoo!

Today I got to meet heaps of new whippet friends! We joined the Yarra Valley Whippet Social Racing Club in Wandin and got to run in so many races! The very first time I was a bit unsure as to what I was supposed to do and turned straight back to mum. But the 2nd time, all of a sudden my mates took off and I simply chased after them!

How much fun was this? I got to run soo many times! It was non stop! Then I noticed the lure - whoa that thing can move fast! It was like chasing a rabbit!

Even Haggis got to take part in a race, but we didn't get a photo of her. But there was only the 3 of us and all Haggis did was chase me - she's not a whippet - she's didn't have a clue what to do!

My new mates were so cool and it's great how they can run as fast as me! I also had to put on a muzzle, which was a new thing. They're well made, lightweight and I hardly even noticed it as I was racing! Everyone had one on! I looked like a PRO! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stinky Haggis gets a Bath

Today we were taken for a run at our usual spot and we caught the scent of some kangaroos! Then almost immediately afterwards we saw them - all 4 of them - fly past us on the road ahead.. Of course Chico and I took off after them! It was so much fun, they're nice and fast but we manage to keep up with them - for a little while anyway... Soon we hear dad calling and we have to leave these fascinating creatures and run back.

We were pretty exhausted by the time we got back.. and then I caught another whiff of something delicious and because I was so tired, I just dropped my shoulder onto this heavenly smell and rolled this wonderful perfume all over my body.. Funnily enough mum and dad didn't touch me much afterwards and I was made to jump into the bath!

It's nice getting a warm bath when the fire is going nice and strong.. They had to scrub me from head to toe to get the yummy smell off me.. Shame. I loved it.. Can't wait to find it again..

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chico - Running to keep Warm - Love it!

Whenever we get together all we do is run around chasing each other, this way and then the other way. Round and round in circles. It's great that Haggis can keep up with me, but I thinkg we slow down slightly just to keep Radar happy, it's not his fault he has short legs.. He does his aboslute best to keep up..

We have so much energy that when we jump out of the car, we go mad. I need to as a I need to warm myself up but it doesn't take long! It's a such an exhilirating sensation to be able to run at top speed and off leash.. and I have only bumped into a a tree once. And that was enough!

Sometimes when Haggis is feeling particularly energetic, she will play fight with us, but she's such a big dog she can do some damage - unintentionally of course! Especially Radar, he cops it BIG time! And he'll always run back for more, cause he just can't seem to get enough ot if! So sometimes for fun we like to gang up on the big Haggis, just to give her a taste of her own medicine! Ha take that big yin!

But no matter what happens we are all still friends at the end of the day and finish off with a nice drink together! Happy days!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Haggis - Visiting our Old Friends Bonny and Nico

It's so exciting when we jump into the car, we never know where we're going to end up when we stop! Such an adventure every day (almost). We used to see Bonny and Nico almost every day until they moved far far away, and now that they have another fabulous giant property to visit near Daylesford, we were invited to a play date again!

Bonny and Nico are both Cocker Spaniels and also rescue dogs like me. They are the best swimmers in the world considering they are pretty hairy dogs.. funny how our hairiest friends are all water lovers.. They definitely have excellent ball skills and give us a run for our money when chasing the ball. But alas for them and for all our fine young friends, we will always be the fastest... sorry! They have so much energy that it's practically impossible to get them tired, so by the end of the day, we're exhausted..

We also met some new friends too! A couple of miniature Appaloosa ponies and some horses.. the mini Appaloosa stallion as you can see here is a feisty little thing! When we wanted to go over and say hello to the bigger horses, he instantly turned his rear end towards the big horses as if to say.. "Don't you dare go near them! They're my friends not yours! You're not allowed to get pats." It's clear to see who is in charge here!

We stayed well away from them..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chico - Visiting Uncle Archie Again!

We were so excited when we arrived at granny's house and discovered little Uncle Archie! He's twice the size than he was last time, I wonder how big he's going to get?

He was so excited to see us as well! He must think we're the BIG dogs.. well I suppose he does look up to us! It's so funny watching Uncle Archie run, he takes about a millions steps to our (especially Haggis's) one! It take's him forever to catch up with us in the garden, it's not even worth asking him to chase us, cause there's no way he can keep up!

Another funny thing about Archie is that he already thinks he's so tough and big! He plays with Haggis like they're the same size.. that is - until she puts almost all of him into her mouth, or rolls on top of him.. oops.. Haggis is the same, but she seems to think that she's still the same size as when she came to us.. yeah right!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Haggis - Jealous of Radar and Heiji?

My relationship with Radar has recently taken a turn since little ms Heiji has joined the party.. he seems very interested in the little black dog, a bit too interested I say! As a result I must admit I am slightly jealous.. it is unfair that when another girl doggy comes along.. that all the makes all the boys stand to attention..

For example today he hardly came over to say hello, he was only interested in the little black Heiji with her beautiful shiny curly locks (the curls always do it).. so I ran away to get his attention..ran away into the next field so that they all had to chase me..

And they didn't chase me.. sob sob.. I don't care, they have have each other, but first I'll show that Radar what I really think about him! The bugger...

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chico - Playdate with Radar and Heiji at the Dam!

Playdates are the best! Today we caught up with Heiji at Radar's house. For hours and hours we chased each other around the paddocks! Charging under the fences, around the goats and horses (and horse poo galore!) We get so hot and bothered that there's nothing better than to take a dip in his dam - he's pretty lucky Radar to have his own dam - wish we had one!

Now Heiji is a Portuguese Water Dog and we were very interested to see how much she liked the dam! As you can see, she simply dived into the water like a fish, she must have webbed feet and fins, cause she's amazing at swimming and never feels the cold! Amazing - not like me! I get way too cold!

The great thing about swimming in the dam is that it wakes you up! And then all we want to do is chase each other round and round again, banging into each other and occasionally a mum and dad here and there - all part of the fun!

This is a rare picture of Radar actually keeping up with us! ha ha.. After all this running around though, I was cold, wet, starving and exhausted as well.. I needed my bed soon! But thanks to our wonderful auntie she made us an awesome scooby snack before we went home...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Haggis - Camping near the Beach!

We had such a fantastic weekend! Mum and dad drove for miles to take us camping near the beach, the sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky and the camping ground was empty! You beauty!

When we go camping, we get to go for a run 3 times a day or more, because dad wants to have a go at fishing to catch fish for dinner. It's so wonderful to feel the sand between my toes and be able to charge around the beach at top speed running around after Chico, no boundaries at all! What an absolute pleasure!

So many campsites allow us to join in the fun, as long as we are kept under control, keep quiet and someone picks our poo up, we are most welcome - especially at quiet times - not at Christmas though.. (Can you imagine camping with 700 hounds at Christmas time - I think not!)

Dad's a great fisherman, religiously he goes out every day to try and catch us some food for mealtimes..  Unfortunately because of all the rain recently he didn't even get a bite, but we met some fellow campers who had been out on their boat, who kindly offered us heaps of freshly caught shark meat!! Lovely big chunky flakes of fish - too delicious! We love our food!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Chico - Let Skinny Sleeping Dogs Lie...

After a massive walk today, (mum and dad went for a run again) we are so tired. So tired we can hardly move.. we are so stiff when we try to get out of bed. I need to stretch so many times before I can actually walk. That silly Haggis still wants to play, she's lying on her side, thumping her long tail against the floor and barking at me to play with her. I love biting and licking her ears! They smell and taste so good!

As we're sighthoounds we're pretty skinny dogs, despite Haggis's size, she's still quite skinny. This is photo from the other day when she got into the dry dog food bucket and gorged herself stupid. You can see how huge her belly is!

But she didn't seem to be in any pain, in fact she just lay there all night, happy as Larry! 

This is how skinny she usually is! (with no protruding belly) And this is how flat I can make myself when lying down.. Probably not the best photo but you catch my drift... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haggis - Electrocution! OUCH!

Today mum took us over to Radar's to play, as none of us had been for a walk at all yesterday, we were fully charged and raring to go!! Play time was hard and fast, and a slightly rougher than usual. The claws and paws were out, the teeth and gums bared and there were some clever twists and turns to get out of some wrestling positions.

For some strange reason, mum hung these annoying bells on us as we were on our walk, apparently to scare off wild animals so that we don't pick up on their scent and chase off after them. It might have been because of the other day, where I found the giant hare and ran off after it. The property that Radar lives on is very near a train line and shortly after I ran off, the train came zooming past.. It was so loud and scary and noise that I ran straight back to mum, and I lost the hare..

So today we walked around the back paddocks, with our stupid bells on - which must have frustrated the dogs on two properties away.. I suppose we sounded like reindeers coming! I ran to the fence and was ready to gallop off to the barking dogs over the fence, when all of a sudden I screamed! I felt the most extraordinary pain somewhere near my head for a second and ran to mum, where I knew I'd be safe. It was such a horrible sensation that I reeled from it for a long time afterwards, sticking close to mum. Never before have I experienced anything like it and never do I want to again.

Those damn electric fences are there to keep the gigantic Clydesdale horses in their own fields, and no wonder they stay in there and don't escape. The power coming through those lines is really high, so watch yourself!

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Chico - Ball skills from Melba

I believe that balls skills are important for a dog and I learnt this from a dog friend called Melba. Melba is a Coolie cross Spaniel - I think. She's a tough lady, she lives in Kinglake and hangs out in a pub in Collingwood.

Melba is my hero when it comes to catching a ball. She gets it every time without fail. Even it if takes a fight, she always gets the last say. Oooh she's a fierce one, always plays hard to get! She scares me but at the same time I have so much respect for her ball skills. She is amazing!

I remember when I first saw her in action (I was a puppy still), I was mesmerized by her agility and confidence. She is intelligent, attentive and interacts with humans well, but she's tough with us. So afterwards I practised and practised, making dad play ball with me almost every night till I caught it every time (almost). I got better and better.

I'm sure I taught Haggis everything she knows about ball catching, she might be faster than me now at times, but in a tussle, I will always get the ball, just a smidgen too fast for young Haggis. She's developed a really bad habit of running off with the ball and not bringing it back - how cheeky can you get? That's not the game, you're supposed to take it back so that they can throw it again.. stupid dog - she's a bit slow.

But she's getting prety good as well.

But I'm the best.