Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Chico - Visiting Uncle Archie Again!

We were so excited when we arrived at granny's house and discovered little Uncle Archie! He's twice the size than he was last time, I wonder how big he's going to get?

He was so excited to see us as well! He must think we're the BIG dogs.. well I suppose he does look up to us! It's so funny watching Uncle Archie run, he takes about a millions steps to our (especially Haggis's) one! It take's him forever to catch up with us in the garden, it's not even worth asking him to chase us, cause there's no way he can keep up!

Another funny thing about Archie is that he already thinks he's so tough and big! He plays with Haggis like they're the same size.. that is - until she puts almost all of him into her mouth, or rolls on top of him.. oops.. Haggis is the same, but she seems to think that she's still the same size as when she came to us.. yeah right!!

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