Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chico - Running to keep Warm - Love it!

Whenever we get together all we do is run around chasing each other, this way and then the other way. Round and round in circles. It's great that Haggis can keep up with me, but I thinkg we slow down slightly just to keep Radar happy, it's not his fault he has short legs.. He does his aboslute best to keep up..

We have so much energy that when we jump out of the car, we go mad. I need to as a I need to warm myself up but it doesn't take long! It's a such an exhilirating sensation to be able to run at top speed and off leash.. and I have only bumped into a a tree once. And that was enough!

Sometimes when Haggis is feeling particularly energetic, she will play fight with us, but she's such a big dog she can do some damage - unintentionally of course! Especially Radar, he cops it BIG time! And he'll always run back for more, cause he just can't seem to get enough ot if! So sometimes for fun we like to gang up on the big Haggis, just to give her a taste of her own medicine! Ha take that big yin!

But no matter what happens we are all still friends at the end of the day and finish off with a nice drink together! Happy days!

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