Monday, May 7, 2012

Haggis - Jealous of Radar and Heiji?

My relationship with Radar has recently taken a turn since little ms Heiji has joined the party.. he seems very interested in the little black dog, a bit too interested I say! As a result I must admit I am slightly jealous.. it is unfair that when another girl doggy comes along.. that all the makes all the boys stand to attention..

For example today he hardly came over to say hello, he was only interested in the little black Heiji with her beautiful shiny curly locks (the curls always do it).. so I ran away to get his attention..ran away into the next field so that they all had to chase me..

And they didn't chase me.. sob sob.. I don't care, they have have each other, but first I'll show that Radar what I really think about him! The bugger...

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