Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chico - Playdate with Radar and Heiji at the Dam!

Playdates are the best! Today we caught up with Heiji at Radar's house. For hours and hours we chased each other around the paddocks! Charging under the fences, around the goats and horses (and horse poo galore!) We get so hot and bothered that there's nothing better than to take a dip in his dam - he's pretty lucky Radar to have his own dam - wish we had one!

Now Heiji is a Portuguese Water Dog and we were very interested to see how much she liked the dam! As you can see, she simply dived into the water like a fish, she must have webbed feet and fins, cause she's amazing at swimming and never feels the cold! Amazing - not like me! I get way too cold!

The great thing about swimming in the dam is that it wakes you up! And then all we want to do is chase each other round and round again, banging into each other and occasionally a mum and dad here and there - all part of the fun!

This is a rare picture of Radar actually keeping up with us! ha ha.. After all this running around though, I was cold, wet, starving and exhausted as well.. I needed my bed soon! But thanks to our wonderful auntie she made us an awesome scooby snack before we went home...

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