Sunday, May 20, 2012

Chico - Whippet Racing! Woo Hoo!

Today I got to meet heaps of new whippet friends! We joined the Yarra Valley Whippet Social Racing Club in Wandin and got to run in so many races! The very first time I was a bit unsure as to what I was supposed to do and turned straight back to mum. But the 2nd time, all of a sudden my mates took off and I simply chased after them!

How much fun was this? I got to run soo many times! It was non stop! Then I noticed the lure - whoa that thing can move fast! It was like chasing a rabbit!

Even Haggis got to take part in a race, but we didn't get a photo of her. But there was only the 3 of us and all Haggis did was chase me - she's not a whippet - she's didn't have a clue what to do!

My new mates were so cool and it's great how they can run as fast as me! I also had to put on a muzzle, which was a new thing. They're well made, lightweight and I hardly even noticed it as I was racing! Everyone had one on! I looked like a PRO! :)


  1. Wow! This looks like so much fun! In the first picture you looked like kangaroos. How often will you race?

  2. Hi Gemma, it was our first time at the races, think we'll go once a month if we can! it is so much fun, Chico must have run about 20 races! :)

  3. check us out at or follow us on facebook:

    it was great to have you guys there!

    (YVWSRC Secretary)

  4. we would have LOVED to come again but booked up in the wrong direction! Have fun!

  5. Now that does look like fun!
    My Mum and Dad had a retired greyhound before me and I hear that she quite liked a race...
    Shame I'm the other side of the pond because the greyhound in me just wants to run with you too.
    x Bertie

  6. Yes - I believe you could run just as fast as us!! :)