Thursday, May 24, 2012

Haggis - Radar stays the night!

I was so excited the other night when all of a sudden Radar turned up on our doorstep at night! We didn't get to go for a run that day, so we were full of energy when we got together! I tried to entice Radar to come outside and play with me, but he's so silly he doesn't know how to go through the dog door! mum and dad tried to teach him how to come through by using food as bait, but he just couldn't work it out!

We did get to run around outside in the dark, I know our garden like the back of my paws and Radar chased us around the garden in the dark, very exciting! Afterwards Radar had to share my bed, I have a really comfy mattress and there's just enough room for both of us to cuddle up.

I love to sit on Chico's bed because it's right next to the fire, but Chico doesn't really like it. Radar will just plonk himself wherever I go, he's so affectionate. 

It's so nice to play on my bed, dad was keeping an eye on him though, in case he got a bit cheeky, no funny business is allowed! 

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