Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Haggis - Electrocution! OUCH!

Today mum took us over to Radar's to play, as none of us had been for a walk at all yesterday, we were fully charged and raring to go!! Play time was hard and fast, and a slightly rougher than usual. The claws and paws were out, the teeth and gums bared and there were some clever twists and turns to get out of some wrestling positions.

For some strange reason, mum hung these annoying bells on us as we were on our walk, apparently to scare off wild animals so that we don't pick up on their scent and chase off after them. It might have been because of the other day, where I found the giant hare and ran off after it. The property that Radar lives on is very near a train line and shortly after I ran off, the train came zooming past.. It was so loud and scary and noise that I ran straight back to mum, and I lost the hare..

So today we walked around the back paddocks, with our stupid bells on - which must have frustrated the dogs on two properties away.. I suppose we sounded like reindeers coming! I ran to the fence and was ready to gallop off to the barking dogs over the fence, when all of a sudden I screamed! I felt the most extraordinary pain somewhere near my head for a second and ran to mum, where I knew I'd be safe. It was such a horrible sensation that I reeled from it for a long time afterwards, sticking close to mum. Never before have I experienced anything like it and never do I want to again.

Those damn electric fences are there to keep the gigantic Clydesdale horses in their own fields, and no wonder they stay in there and don't escape. The power coming through those lines is really high, so watch yourself!

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