Monday, April 23, 2012

Chico - I got my new coat!

We got another pressie in the post today, mum was so excited! My new custom made to measure coat from arrived! So she grabbed my snout and pulled me through the neck hole and it felt like I was wrapped inside a sleeping bag, I tried to pull it off with my teeth. Hmm didn't work. It feels so close to my skin and rubs my hair the wrong way.. But the material is very soft and warm.

Mum kept telling me how handsome I looked. I think it will be perfect for a really cold day, but it was pretty warm as you can see. Haggis kept slobbering all over my new coat, she must have been jealous of my new handsomeness.. :) We ran around the garden a bit, Haggis tried to get me to chase her, but I felt like I couldn't run properly, not yet anyway.

Can't wait to have it around when I am absolutely freezing and shaking all over, I know it will be awesome then! Definitely an outfit I need to get used to.. but don't I look fantastic?

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