Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Haggis - Freezing cold day in Macedon

I must thank my lucky stars that I have a thick wiry coat that keeps me warm pretty much all the time. I can stay out all night in the cold and not be phased at all. In the same way, I have chewed many a dirty old bone in the pouring rain and have wondered why everyone is inside.. Rain never hurt anyone!

Not like poor Mr Chico, he looks small and skinny, and he feels the cold all the time. Today he got wrapped up in his new coat and we drove over to visit my boyfriend Radar. It had been raining all morning and it was wet underfoot.

 As we ran around the paddock chasing Radar, I suddenly caught sight of this huge Hare that has been hanging around, I made chase and ran straight after it. I could hear mumbles of my name in the background, but I dismissed it and galloped the long way around the fence to get at that gigantic thing of a Hare. Radar followed me. Strangely enough Chico didn't follow, he probably didn't want to get his new jacket dirty.

I dashed back to mum and dad pretty quickly and got hooked up onto the lead - not fair. I came back didn't I? Radar took ages to come back, he is such a slow coach, his legs are just too short!

We stopped to say hello to the Nanny goat that lives in the paddock, she loves to watch us dogs run around like crazy buggers, it must be so boring for her to be chained up all the time.. again we are so lucky!

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