Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Haggis - Meeting our new Uncle Archie ! He's awesome!

Today we also got to meet our new uncle! I was so excited. Now - he's our 'Uncle' because he's dad's mum's new puppy dog. Uncle's name is Archie and he is a Jack Russell cross Shitzu - aka Jack Shit! :) He's sooo cute! And sooo tiny! He doesn't even reach my knees!

Archie was so excited to meet us! And so friendly! So intelligent and charming already, and very good looking for a young pup. His hair is a bit wiry like mine and he feels so soft. This is Uncle! :)

Chico and I had a great runaround at Granny's, she has a massive garden and it's so much fun chasing Chico at top speed! There are logs to jump and trees to dive in and out of, that Chico is pretty fast and it's good fun trying to keep up!

Uncle Archie tried to follow us everywhere, he told us he wants to be a big dog as soon as possible. He has pretty short legs though and he takes about 6 steps for my one step. He'd be no good for hunting. For pigs anyway! But he has the important job of protecting Granny. He has to bark whenever he hears someone coming, and I think he'll do a good job.

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