Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Little Miss Haggis Pie the Staghound

Woof. My name is Haggis and I have a deep throaty, growly bark that I like to use to wake everyone up first thing in the morning! Every day I head out through the giant dog door to the back garden. I'll run to the bottom of the garden to say hello to the chickens, lick my lips and tell them how good looking they are today. I'll always drop a hint to let them how tasty they look. Both of them. Lucky they didn't know their predecessors, they weren't so lucky and bloody delicious.Unfortunately mum and dad have built the chook house like Fort Knox and I can't get in anymore, no matter how hard I have tried.

But to introduce myself in a friendlier way.. I love you and I love everyone! And I'm always excited to see you no matter what. I love making new friends big or small but I forget how big I am, and sometimes little dogs may be scared of me, but don't pull back nor be angry, I just want to play and have some fun. Chase me! chase me!!

My best friend and brother is Chico the Whippet. He is my HERO. He's told me he's the fastest dog in the world and WOWEE boy can he run! It's weird, when I first met him, he was gigantic! Now he's so small and fine.. but still pretty tough. I love doing whatever he is doing. I love sleeping on his bed, it's smells so good! And I love cuddling up to him, but he gets a bit grumpy when I touch him with my toes.. To keep up with him, I practise running every day, and slowly I am getting faster and faster.

Mum and dad found me at a rescue house ( in Woodend. I had just arrived from Queensland and wasn't feeling very well. But I must have been cute enough. I was supposed to be a Whippet cross, but they tell me often how this is impossible because I am too big.

I love my home, I love mum and dad and Chico. Oh I LOVE my food as well. Any kind of food. If Chico is the fastest runner in the world, then I cam the fastest eater in the world, there is simply never enough food in my bowl. I always finish first, I'm sure they give more to Chico cause he takes forever to eat and I'm sure his food is much tastier than mine... hmm.

Can't wait to tell you all about our adventures, we have so much fun.

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