Sunday, April 15, 2012

Meet Chico the Whippet

My name is Chico and I am the fastest little Whippet in the country! (Well I think so anyway.) I just turned three years old, and no other dog has beaten me at the park! As I dart in and out the bushes, ducking and weaving, jumping to catch a flying ball, twisting and snap my jaws around the tough rubber ball and finally power to a standstill, I know "I am the Champion of the World"!

My favourite games include playing 'catch' with mum and dad, and chasing things. ANYTHING. If it moves, I'll definitely run over to have a look. When I see something with my super sharp eyesight, my ears shut tight as I make chase to find out what moved.

Last year I got a new house mate, her name is Haggis.She is a Staghound (which sounds like a mongrel dog to me). She was pretty small when she arrived and I put her in her place. I am the boss and always will be. It's quite interesting how she's grown real big recently, almost twice the size of me, but I don't care. I am still the boss.

As Haggis is getting larger and older, she's getting a bit cheeky and likes to sleep in my bed. It's far too small for her, but it's nice and cosy because my bed is near the fire. So mum n dad have to make her go to her own bed, which is lined with a furry sheepskin (which is a bit unfair) and a blanket. She's hairier than me, so she doesn't need the warmth that I need.

Talking about warmth.. It's starting to get colder in the evening so mum has ordered me a custom made coat from - I can't wait to get it! So exciting! (It's about time mum) I shall post some pictures in my my new outfit when I get it.I shall feel like such a prince when I wear it, I shall be a super model in the Whippet world.

Mum and dad used to own a restaurant, and I used to get the most amazing meals such a cooked beef, lamb, goat and chicken (and yucky vegetarian stuff - eww). I have a very educated pallet. But since they sold their business, I've been living on Advance dog food - dry and canned stuff (it was super delicious at first), but it gets a bit boring if I have to eat it every day.. Yes I know 'I'm fussy' but come on! Who wouldn't get bored of eating the same food for every meal. I shall give you a running commentary on what yummy dinners I get, you'll be impressed! So I am very open to trying new types of food and biscuits (as long as they're not too dry) If you have any delicious dog food samples, please please send them to me! Please! I use up a lot of energy when I run, so need food as often as possible, it's very easy to maintain my figure.. Yes I'm pretty good at begging...

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