Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chico - Mushroom hunting

Today mum and dad went for a run to find wild mushrooms, usually the ones you find around here are Pine mushrooms or Slippery Jacks. We also get to come along for some exercise, when we first arrive I am so charged!! It's great fun jumping up the mountain and then racing downwards on the way back.. So exciting!

I did hurt myself once, as I caught sight of a rabbit I sprinted for the chase and ran straight into a thorny, spiky bush. One pierced my left eye. OUCH. That hurt. I trotted over to mum and walked alongside her for the rest of the walk. I really wanted to go home to bed. I kept touching my nose against mum's hand but she didn't take any notice. Only once when we jumped into the car did she see that my left eye was covered by my inner eyelid. She panicked and drove me to the vet immediately, picking dad up on the way. A couple of eye drops later.. I was almost right as rain!

There hasn't been any rain so there were no mushrooms. Boo. So we went for a run instead. Haggis and I had the best time ever chasing each other through the pine trees, there's a couple of tracks we can follow, or we can simply crash through the forest at top speed! Then we'll hear mum and dad calling and we'll run back to them as fast as we can. Don't realise how far we've run sometimes...

A big black crow followed us all the way on our run. It was like having a new friend on our walk.. it was very playful and swooped us almost every 100m. At first it scared me.. all I could hear was strong flapping over my head and I ran as fast as I could. But towards the end of our fairly long walk, it would swoop in front of me encouraging me to chase and follow, which was a lot of fun!

Mum and dad are on a health kick at the moment, so we ran pretty hard and fast the whole time. Haggis was so tired she had to have a lie down in the middle of the run.. and she was also a bit scared of the big black bird that kept swooping us, it sounded so much bigger than it was..

At the very end we were really hot and needed a drink, so it was wonderful to be able to jump into the lake, have a drink and wade around the cool water to cool our legs down.

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