Thursday, April 19, 2012

Haggis - My boyfriend Radar!

Today we got to hang out with my boyfriend Radar! I love him so much I could squeeze him to death! Radar is a red Stumpy-Tailed Cattle dog, he came from the same rescue centre as I did in Woodend  When mum and dad came to look at me, they were really impressed by his good looks and sweet temperament with the new puppies. Radar was used as the baby sitter, because the puppies loved jumping all over him, and he let them! Looks can be so deceiving, Radar is such a sweetie, even when he looks like such a tough breed of dog.

We get to hang out together quite a lot, and the three of us have too much fun together. Because Radar is pretty slow when he runs (not like us) he's developed all these new tricks to fool us, such as running under the fence when we almost catch him, or pulling up under the trailer - yep he's got us sorted. He also knows the exact height of each fence around the paddocks so that he can make a quick getaway if we get too close when playing chasey.

We LOVE play fighting, it's a bit like wrestling where one of us has to tap out with a squeal - usually it's Radar though.. ha ha.. I look pretty scary here, but it's only because I have a large mouth - honest! Once we finish play fighting, we always lie next to each other and cuddle up. We share ropes together, we even share bones together! Ahhh.. What's mine is mine and what's yours is mine too isn't Radar? H x

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