Friday, April 20, 2012

Chico - Mushroom risotto

Another run around the forest today, it feels so good to do this and it has been 3 days in a row! Pine mushroom picking again. Last night it rained a little so it's a good day to come. There are so many smells in the forest, and it's very exciting when you get a whiff of a wild animal such as a rabbit or a fox. We did meet a fox once, and tried to make chase but mum and dad held us back. It was a very smelly mangy thing, it would have been awesome to get a real good smell of it - up close.

There weren't many mushrooms at all, very disappointing, the weather has been too sunny, which has been glorious! Mum and dad found a couple of fresh ones and brought them back with us. These toadstools below can be found everywhere, and no we didn't pick these ones..

At home mum made a delicious pine mushroom, thyme, smoky bacon, garlic and onion risotto, it smelled so amazing as it wafted through the room, I was starving! For lunch WE got crappy mixed Dry dog food and canned meat - yuck - so disgusting! I hate eating this crap and the same stuff all the time. Bleurgh!

But I must admit we had a special treat tonight. We had the most delicious dinner I ever tasted. I don't think I have ever tasted such delights before and will dream of the flavour for the rest of my life. Mum presented a bowl of ripped up salmon and caper & lamb and yoghurt pizza. Magnificent!

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