Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chico - Going to the Vet :(

Haggis and I started the day off going to the Vet today to get our annual shots. We go to the Hamilton St Vet in Gisborne, they're so friendly there. We got our annual vaccinations (valid for 3 years) for Hep B and Parvo. We also got the vaccine down the nose for kennel cough, just in case... not 100% sure where we would catch something like kennel cough.. oh well.


Met another puppy dog there, a St Bernard, very friendly and a bit stinky.

I was nervous and shaky standing on the table about to get my heart and lungs checked.
I was given the all clear, I am very healthy and intend to stay this way!

Haggis is too large to lift up onto the table (she must weigh a tonne!), so she got to stay on the floor. She hasn't met the vet and so she has no idea of the horrible things that happen here! The stabs in the back were not fun, and the snort of liquid down the nose isn't very comfortable - Yeah Thanks for nothing mum!

To overcome my nervousness, the vet made a great suggestion about popping into the Vet when I happen to be passing by for a special treat - this way I won't always think only nasty things happen there... yeah right.

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